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Varicose veins affect almost one-fourth of American adults today. If you have varicose veins or other vein problems that cause embarrassment or discomfort, you can trust board-certified vein expert Ashish Pal, MD, FACC, for help. At his practice’s three offices in Orlando, Sebring, and Davenport, Florida, Dr. Pal treats varicose veins, May-Thurner syndrome, deep vein thrombosis, veno-occlusive diseases, and other complex vein issues. Call the Vein & Cardiovascular Center: Ashish Pal, MD office in your area, or book an appointment online today.

Varicose Veins Q & A

What are varicose veins?  

Varicose veins are superficial veins that grow enlarged because of valve function issues. When valves in your veins don’t work properly, blood pools up and expands the vein walls. As the veins enlarge, they stand out from your skin in twisted cords.  

Varicose veins are usually blue or red, and can also be skin-toned. They severely mar the appearance of legs, but they’re also a medical problem that can cause irritating symptoms.

What symptoms can varicose veins cause?

In addition to being ugly, varicose veins can cause the following problems. 

  • Leg soreness or persistent achiness
  • Heavy-feeling legs
  • Itchy legs
  • Ankle area swelling

If you don’t treat varicose veins, they can progress into a more serious condition called chronic venous insufficiency. It’s important to get treatment as soon as possible so you can avoid chronic venous insufficiency complications, such as leg ulcers

How do you treat varicose veins?

Vein & Cardiovascular Center: Ashish Pal, MD offers treatments including VenaSeal™, which seals off varicose veins with medical adhesive, and sclerotherapy, an injection that irritates varicose veins to bring on their collapse. Dr. Pal performs both treatments in the office. 

For veno-occlusive diseases like deep vein thrombosis and the May-Thurner syndrome variant of deep vein thrombosis, Dr. Pal is a deep vein expert who can perform specialized minimally invasive procedures in the in-office lab. He skillfully targets the problem veins to force their collapse and relieve your symptoms. 

With varicose veins and other more dangerous deep veins, preventing recurrence is important. Dr. Pal uses only the most effective minimally invasive procedures to destroy diseased veins and give you a fresh, new beginning. 






 When will I see results after varicose vein treatment?

It depends on your particular varicose veins and overall health, so Dr. Pal tells you what to expect. You can often expect a significant improvement in symptoms connected to varicose veins in only a week or two. 

Will insurance cover varicose vein treatments?

Yes, in most cases insurance covers your varicose vein treatments. Today, insurance providers typically cover varicose vein treatments because they understand that leaving varicose veins untreated can lead to serious problems that require more extensive and costly treatment. 

Do you have problem veins? Call Vein & Cardiovascular Center: Ashish Pal, MD, or book an appointment online for varicose vein treatments.