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Online Venous Disease Screening

What is Online Venous Screening? Online Venous Screening is a self-assessment that can help you determine your risk of venous disease. It involves a simple questionnaire and self-examination of your legs.Based on information provided, the Online Venous Screening will determine potential risk and presence of venous disease and will provide educational material based on the results.

Does screening for venous disease really help? Early detection can definitely help. Teaching people about their risk factors for venous thromboembolism can lead to use of effective preventive measures or treatment options. Knowing your risk factors can help your doctor diagnose venous disease and help you and your doctor decide which preventative measures or treatments are right for you. Prevention of blood clots in your veins may save your life.

Is this information kept confidential? Some of the questions ask for information about your past and present health. This information will be kept confidential. At no time will your personal information be stored or used in any way that can identify you.

How long will it take? The online assessment should only take about 10-15 minutes.

If, with the understanding of what the Venous screening Program is, you would like to complete the AVF questionnaire and learn your potential risk for venous disease, please read and approve the release below.

I hereby release the Venous Screening Program and its sponsoring agencies and related entities from all responsibility in connection with this questionnaire. I understand that in providing answers to the AVF questions, I am not being screened for venous disease and will not receive any medical diagnosis. If I have any concerns with the results I receive, I will discuss my answers and my results with my physician. I also understand that my answers to the AVF questions will be retained by AVF and may be used for presentations on venous disease and/or further research into its causes and effects. My personal information, however, will not be stored along with my answers, and my answers will never be used or published in a way that could identify me.